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Parallel Pathways to Freedom Tour

Dear Heritage Practitioners and Tourists Guides

You are once again cordially invited to a heritage tour in the footsteps of Gandhi and Mandela. Attached is the invitation for the dates you will be available to attend.

Dates for the RSVP deadlines are as follows:
For : February is the 20th, March is the 13th and the 20th for the last tour.

Alice Moloto CM (SA)
Communications and CSI Manager
Johannesburg Development Agency
Telephone: +27 11 688-7851
Fax2Email + 27(0) 86 543 8081
Cellphone: +27 79 294 1040

First Aid refresher courses for 2015

Gauteng Guides Association has signed a MOU with the service provider People's Healthcare Providers to supply Refresher First Aid courses for all members that wish to renew the first aid for re-registration . In previous years this was done on a as required basis but the demand has become extensive and with the new partnership we have negotiated all dates for 2015 . There was also a need for full courses for new candidates needing to do the full course before registering.

Widesure Vehicle and tourism related insurance

Gauteng Guides Association (GGA) has appointed Widesure Brokers as their preferred supplier of insurance covers and such covers being placed through TTU Administrators with ABSA Insurance Risk Management Services (AIRMS), an AAA rated insurance company.
This agreement will offer certain exclusive benefits to the GGA members which have been negotiated by the board of GGA with Widesure Brokers. These benefits will not be available through other brokers nor will this product be able to be transferred to another broker through means of a broker note, maintaining the same benefits as provided through this agreement.

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New hand baggage rules from 2 Feb 2015 to be enforced

Economy Class passengers

At the crux of the new hand luggage regulations is that economy class passengers entering a commercial aircraft are now restricted to:

1 bag + 1 slimline laptop bag per economy class passenger.
No bag should exceed these dimensions: 56cm + 36cm + 23cm = total dimension of 115cm including handles and wheels.
Weight limit per bag: 7kg.

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Tourist Guide day 2015

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Guide registration officially 3 years

Good news...the validity of a tourist guide registration is officially 3 years. Anyone who renews or registers from now will have a card valid for 3 years.

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How one gets a CATHSSETA (former THETA) certificate.

I would like to provide some clarity for anyone who might be confused about how one gets a CATHSSETA (former THETA) certificate.
Upon registration with a CATHSSETA accredited training provider, the provider will register you as a learner with CATHSSETA. A learner number is generated which should look something like this: 613/L/001699/2014

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Tours For Prospective Clients.

Tours For Prospective Clients.

It would Seem that Not only do Tour operators Visit this Site But Individual Travellers As Well from across The Globe. And I Have recieved numerous enquiries. Ich beantworten Ihre Nachrichten Kerne. I Can organise Tours For any Region in Southern Africa with Game drives; accommodation; Transport; and Transfers. Flights; Travel Insurance; and Extras For your own Account. (T&C apply). Emails Can be sent To Day Tours in and around Johannesburg Can be arranged aswell.

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SA population grows to 54m

South Africa’s population now stands at about 54million, according to Statistics South Africa's (StatsSA) figures released on Thursday.

This is an estimated 844 000 (1,58%) net increase in the number people between July 2013 and July 2014.

According to the figures, 30% of South Africans are younger than 15 years and only 8.4% (4,54 million) is 60 years and older.

Gauteng Guides Association Annual General Meeting 4 August 2014

Gauteng Guides Association
Annual General Meeting
4 August 2014

We cordially hereby would like to give notice and invite you to the Annual general Meeting of the Gauteng Guides Association to be held on Monday the 4 August at the South African Military museum Saxonwold.

Date: Monday 4 August 2014
Time: 09:30 for 10:00
Venue : National Museum of Military History
Delville Wood room
22 Erlswold way


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