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Dear Guides,

If you are fluent in FRENCH, please contact me URGENTLY:, alternatively landline 011 676 3073

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'Owling' along the roads of Devon

Too many of our owls are killed by speeding motorists particularly in winter when mice come onto the roads looking for food. We were lucky enough to catch two last Sunday - for me the best bird in the hand!!

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A Strawberry Leopard?

Yes, a Strawberry leopard has been spotted at Madikwe...
So you can all guess where I am headed to. I will follow up with news regarding that front, hopefully at the same time cross fingers that I can see a Pangolin and maybe (as a bonus) spot the yellow version of the Crimson breasted Shrike...
What are my chances??

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Thai and Vietnamese Guides

Hi Fellow Guides,

Do you know of any Thai or Vietnamese guides????

If you do, please contact me:

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Chasing a first timer to South Africa

Well, here go the mad birders again!!!
Last Thursday we received news about a bird that has NEVER been recorded in South Africa - Little Crake. Needless to say that once we received confirmation on that Friday morning that the bird was still in the area, I literally dropped everything and caught the first flight out of Jo'burg making my way to CTIA.

We had less than an hour to race to ORT and get checked in. We managed this by the skin of our teeth, only to be told that the flight had been delayed by 30 minutes!!! The anxiety starts to build up at this point...

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We are a team not enemies

It disturbs me greately when fellow guides feel it necessary to 'bad mouth' or give 'negative feedback' about another guide whilst on tour. That behaviour is unacceptable and just blatantly unprofessional!

What surprises me the most however, is that the guide doing all the blabbering, is inevitably an individual who shouldnt be casting stones within their their glass homes...

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Attention Guides - Looking for talent!!

Dear All

Tourvest Destination Management (hereinafter ‘TDM’) commits to the highest levels of client service. Core to this principle is its competent team of guides.

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Onwards to Namibia to ring our feathery friends

This was certainly a trip with a difference. Usually we traverse hundreds of kilometers through South Africa, occasionally crossing borders, with a list as long as my arm chasing birds; being the ‘twitcher’ that I am I will admit that my list was only as short as my hand and the difference came with the intention to put rings on as many birds as possible… at least that is how it started. By the middle of the trip we changed our criteria (after catching Sociable Weavers by the dozens) to putting rings on as many different species possible.


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