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First Aid Refresher course 20 March and 10 April 2014

The next First Aid refresher course dates are available for booking.
Both courses will be held at the following venue

Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA)
124 Main street
10th Floor conference venue
Start: 10:00

Cost for refresher course is R350
The course in for registered tourist guides only and not first timers

Please Register by clicking this link

Dates are :
Thursday 20 March 2014

Passenger Liabilty ... to drop ... or not to drop

Fare Paying Passenger Liability

Attached is an article that have appeared in the IOL weekend newspapers.

The essence of the article is that certain insurers has dropped passenger liability from their covers they offer and some not. The conventional big 3, Santam, M&F and Zurich did not, where Hollard and Telesure did.

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Vredefort Dome Tourist Guides Association

A well attended meeting in Parys on Friday 13 September saw our Association formally established, with the acceptance of the Constitution and its signing by founding members. Thanks were expressed to the ad hoc steering committee – especially Jan Fourie, Christo Meyer and Julius Moloi – for their work in bringing interest groups together and writing the Constitution.

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Moving Tribute to Mandela

Moving Tribute to Mandela

We don't all agree with the same politics but this was a great man that did so much for South Africa. My Isreali group and I witnessed this moving tribute to Mandela on Saturday. Getting into Vilikazi str afterwards was not an option. I was also "ambushed" and caught unaware by Radio 702 and a French TV crew who interviewed me on camera! I hope I made South Africa proud..

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Evetually, new members updated

Hi All
We have eventually updated our database and now have all guides registered up GP5179 . Please log on and update the information that is missing.
If you have a problem , certain fields cannot be changed , please send me an email at
Please add a picture of yourself

Happy hunting

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16 December Voortrekker Monument

Please note that there will be a church service on 16 December in the Voortrekker Monument. The service will run from 07:00 to 11:30. Entrance to the service is free of charge but normal entrance fees will apply after 11:30. Seating is limited and you should arrive early if you would like to attend. After the sunlight has shone on the Cenotaph at 12:00 an ox wagon will be put together in the parking lot by members of the Centurion ATKV to celebrate the 175 Commemoration year.

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God's Window Building and Alterations!

Changes are planned for the God's Window view site. I noticed a poster at the site for some changes which would seem to be major!

Have a look and see what I mean ! A restaurant and visitor complex with an elevated glass cantilever walkway proposed that will take guests over the gorge with a drop of 600 meters beneath them. My only concern is the exact positioning of the project. I love the area and especially the wonderful array of plants and would hate to see wholesale excavations destroying the ambience and natural beauty of the place!

Gauteng Guides Annual AGM 2013

Gauteng Guides Association held its annual AGM on 22 June 2013 at Freedom park Pretoria .

The venue was sponsored by Freedom park and an extensive educational walk through the whole site was done to familiarise this magnificent tourism product in the making.
A great lunch was enjoyed before everybody got round to participate in the AGM
Fanie Terblanche gave an overview of the significant last year , the followings were pointed out

  • Hard work was done by the committee to participate in supply ideas and backup for the team from NDT working on the new Tourism act.
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Gauteng Guides Annual AGM 2013

It has been a very busy year with many different issues and it is that time of year again.

Gauteng Guides Association Annual General meeting 2013

You are hereby cordially invited to the Gauteng Guides Association Annual General meeting 2013 to be held at Freedom park in Pretoria

Venue :Freedom Park
Date : Monday 22 July 2013
Time : 09:00 -15:00
Cost : Free

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Giant's Castle addition!

Just visited Giant's Castle camp with some Spaniards and had a great time! Found a new addition to their entertainment which was a lovely surprise!


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