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Northern Cape

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Well, I was pleasantly surprised with the Northern Cape. It is peaceful, clean and absolutely beautiful.
The flowers were a little slow this year, however, the few that were around looked lovely. I can imagine when they are in full bloom - spectacular!
Our bird list has increased once again and heading to 750 fast and furiously!! The newies being:
Red Lark
Damara Canary
Blackeared Sparrowlark
Sclaters Lark
Layards Tit Babbler

Augrabies Falls Nature Reserve- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
The service is outstanding. The facilities are super clean. The staff are fabulous.

Poff Adder - Poff Adder Hotel
Rates a little high for very basic units, however, again the staff are super great and the self-catering chalets (Klein Plaasie) are very clean. Mozzies are a pain in the evening. Nets for the bed are in the cupboard.

Springbok - Goegap Nature Reserve
Camping facilities quite rustic but clean, my only issue is that they placed the sites at the entrance of the park... makes no sense to me. Their guesthouse is also rustic looking, but is fully equiped and has electricity. Very peaceful park with great views of the land.

The weather was great, obviously days were hot, our highest being 39 degrees C. The evenings were rather cool. Due to its positioning towards the west, the morning sunrise is later and the current evenings are only after 7pm.

Fantastic birds
Great scorpion - once identified will advise
Bat eared foxes - my favourite
Yellow Mongoose
Ground Squirrels
Cape Red Squuirrels
Some good butterflies too

Rating: 10/10


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