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We are a team not enemies

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It disturbs me greately when fellow guides feel it necessary to 'bad mouth' or give 'negative feedback' about another guide whilst on tour. That behaviour is unacceptable and just blatantly unprofessional!

What surprises me the most however, is that the guide doing all the blabbering, is inevitably an individual who shouldnt be casting stones within their their glass homes...

To improve our industry, we should be encouraging and assisting each other. Putting others down makes you look unprofessional although at the time your ego is expanding due to false pretenses. Further to comment on porterage fees being included or excluded in a package that you have no information about should also be left unsaid. NO GUIDE HAS THE RIGHT TO FEED NONSENSE INTO THE HEADS OF TOURISTS OR COMMENT ON TOURS WHICH DO NOT BELONG TO THEM!

To repeat: in order for us guides to taken seriously within our industry, WE need to learn to behave like professionals. Should there be an issue with a guide, report it to the appropriate channels and NOT consuct inappropriate conversations with guests taht dont even belong to you!


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Fully Agree with you we

Fully Agree with you we should not be attacking each other or trying to make each other look bad just to try boost ones own ego. Its sad when some one can only bring the people around them down try try make themselves look better. We all want Guiding to be recognized and treated as a profession, yet so few are willing to act professionally.


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