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George Harrison Park

On Wednesday the 21st March 2012 I conducted a city and Soweto tour with 5 guests.
I started my tour from Krugersdorp and my first stop was at George Harrison park as it is the birth place of Johannesburg. I was disgusted, ashamed, shocked and furious to see what the state of the park was; - filthy, long grass, papers, bottles etc.
DSCN0009.gif DSCN0010.gif
The area (shafts) where the first discovery of gold was made ,could not be seen with the trees , shrubs, weed, overgrowth and grass. There was no way that a photograph could be taken of the actual shafts. The photos attached shows the situation. I was very disturbed when we left the park and made a promise to myself that I would not leave it there.

We proceeded to Soweto with our first stop at Regina Mundi Church, at the traffic circle in front of the Church we found municipal workers cleaning the flower beds and circle. We proceeded to Vilakazi street and here we found workers fixing street lights and also staff doing garbage removal and cleaning up. Further down to the road leading to Orlando stadium, people from Water Board were repairing a water leak and cleaning up . This was a big surprise to me as it was a public holiday as well.

Thursday morning the 22nd March2012 at 8h00, I phoned the city parks department and eventually spoke to a lady by the name of Martha who is secretary to one of the managers, I explained the situation to her about George Harrison Park , and she informed me that she will get a manager to phone me a.s.a.p.

14h00 hours I phoned her and told her that nobody phoned me yet, she replied that she would get someone immediately. At +- 15h00 , Joseph Ndau a manager phoned me, I explained the situation of the park to him and the significance of this venue and what it is all about. Joseph was so exited after I told him of importance of the park, that he promised me that he would be at the park on Friday morning the 23rd with three of his staff members to clean up. I arrived at about 12h30 on Friday, and could not believe that they have done so much already.

I spoke to Joseph and his staff ,thanking them for their work and explained the significance to all of them. They were so surprised and also happy to be part of tourism in such a small contribution. Joseph have ensured me that they will maintain and clean the park on a weekly basis and also that he could be contacted directly on 0786299651 should anybody experience any problems at the park.

I am very thankful to Joseph and his team and also proud of them, I feel they deserve to be noted and thanked. Any tourist guide can now take tourists to the park with pride.

Kind Regards

Piet Nel

082 477 9323 (Mobile)
0866 232 190 (fax)
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GP2258's picture

Thats awesome well done to

Thats awesome well done to city parks and Piet

GP2953's picture

Well done

Well that is good news. Great to report wonderful work done.

GP0035's picture

We can make a difference

Well done Piet , it just shows you that we as guides can make a difference .

George Harrison

Hi, thank you very much job well done it shows that together we can do more, I am very proud of you my brother in tourism keep it up!!!


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