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AGM 2018

Date : Wednesday  6 February 2019

Time: 10:00

Venue : Workshop 17  FIRESTATION   16 Baker Street,  Rosebank (closest parking in Rosebank Mall)


09:00 -10:00 Registration and networking

    10:10 Opening and welcome

              Report back on past year

              Treasurers  report

10:30 Open discussion on the way forward and vision of GGA

11:45 Voting for new committee members

12:00 Closure and Lunch

Background information for your benefit

Tourist Guides have been trying for the last 15 years to establish unity in the guiding fraternity, to enable tourist guides to speak with a unified voice, first via the Department of Environment Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), and thereafter the NDT. 

This process started as follows: 

Pre 2005 : The tourist guide associations operated independently from each other across the country.

Jan 2005 : A national workshop was held in Soweto where the National Tourist Guides Association of South Africa was established.  The association was structured in a 3-tiered fashion, namely National, Provincial and Local

Gauteng Guides Association was formed as the provincial chapter being  part of the nationally adopted National Tourist Guides Association of South Africa. Only two other provincial chapters were established namely in KZN and Cape Town.

The GGA constitutional basis is valid  and can be verified on the GGA website ( /node/1    Chapter 8: STRUCTURE AND COMPOSITION OF THE ASSOCIATION, paragraph 8,3 onward. This is the basis under which GGA is constitutionally run.

Due to the lack of funding and support, the establishment of the NTGA did not prove to be successful.  As a result, the National Registrar did not use this structure for communication and developmental support.

2007: It was then thought that establishing a Federation of South African Tourist Guide Associations (FSATGA) would be the answer, in that all associations, no matter the size and location, could be affiliated to the Federation, thereby having ‘one voice for all guides’.

Government indicated at the time, that the FSATGA needed to become a Non Profit Company (NPC) before any financial benefits could be directed to the Federation. This was duly followed and done, however financial benefits did not materialise.

Since then regional associations like GGA and few others kept going as local chapters to service the guides in their local areas.

2007 -2016 GGA was successfully and proactively operating for the benefit of guides in Gauteng, occasionally supported by Gauteng Tourism or Gauteng Economics department and National Department of Tourism.

On 28 June 2016 at Ditsong Museum in Pretoria a new chairperson was voted in. Ever since the 2016 AGM the Gauteng Guides Association lacked decisive leadership and direction.

Very likely under the influence of NDT, the December 2018 GGA -AGM was published to be for the benefit of the GGA -AGM responsibilities. The present committee was not consulted on any of the Agenda items. In particular the chairperson failed to get a mandate from the committee and members to act in any capacity of authority.

Paragraph 8.6.2 Any Member of an executive committee may not act in an unprofessional capacity for and/or on behalf of the Association.

The turn of events at the 4 December 2018 GGA - AGM garnered together GGA members under false pretences. The published Agenda had little to do with the GGA - AGM requirements but was misused for the launch of the NDT and industry stakeholders supported launch of the NFTGA - National Federation of Tourist Guides and Affiliates (South Africa)  

The majority of the present GGA committee resolved that a fully constitutional AGM be called in order to redefine and take forward the GGA. The committee regards the previous chairperson as having acted contrary to the interest of the GGA and its members by pursuing unpublished strategic , yet to be legislated changes to the tourist guiding industry. Timeframes are non-existent which means GGA has good reasons to keep going forward from hence supporting and protecting the interests of guides in Gauteng.

The majority of the present committee regards the (prior to Dec 4 2018) Chairperson as being suspended from the office of the GGA chairperson. Facebook is not seen as an official way of communicating with the membership as it leaves some out in the dark. GGA channels of communication are the website ( and email.

A Tourist guides work rates amongst the most satisfying, incredible, fulfilling, activities in the tourism sector  and you are invited to come to the GGA - AGM to give us your constructive support and input to take us in harmony in to the future.

Cordially yours in guiding

Solly Cwaille

Peter Tait

Sam Wenger

Johan Van Biljon  


Gauteng Guides Association
[email protected]