1 Opening and Welcome.

The chairman welcomes everyone present and declares the meeting open.

2 Attendance 

 There are 5 members present with Sam Wenger being co-opted with 2 pardons.

3 Matters arising.

No matters were arising.

4 New Matters

4.1 The Constitution of GGA. There is a constitution for GGA. This constitution has been adopted from the National Constitution for Tourist Guides as amended. In the National Constitution it makes mention for Tourist Guiding and associates at a National level, a Provincial level and a Chapter level.

In Gauteng there is only one association and that is the Gauteng Guides Association This Constitution was adopted in 2005 as part of the national meeting held in Soweto. Should there be any suggestions of changing items and issues in the Constitutions it was decide that no amendment can be made as this Constitution has been ratified by Parliament and therefore can only be change by Parliament. However there are some aspects that need to be addressed and should that result in any changes it can be done as regulations alongside of the Constitution.

Johan, Solly and Fanie will look into the matter                                                                                            

4.2.The Colour Line. This matter is urgent and lies very deeply. It is seen at present that GGA is for whites only If a look is taken at the present list of registered tourist guides it is clear that the majority of registered guides are of different ethnic groups. The problem lies in it that the majority of the guides are not interested to become a member of GGA and in that seem to disappear into a void This can be solved by promoting the membership of GGA and inviting guides to join GGA at an annual membership fee of R100-00. There will be a list of members available and will be in conjunction with the POPI Act. This discussion will be part of issues and matters within the discussion frame work which falls under the matters arising from discussing the Constitution                                                                

4.3 Website. Johan has offered to run the website and attend to the membership list.     Johan                                                                                                                                 

4,4. Financial Matters. Johan presented a financial statement. At the day of the meeting GGA had as positive balance of R35113.30. The commission from Wide Sure, the insurance company doing insurance for driver/guides is  reflected in the statement. This amounts is R5373-00 . As GGA is a full member of the World Federation of Tourist Guides the membership needs to be maintained annually. Permission is granted to Johan too make the necessary arrangements to make the membership payment Johan.                                                               

4.5. Portfolios. The portfolios have been allocated as follows.

  • Government liaison:  Solly Cwaile       
  • Educationals:    Fanie and all the management team.                                                    
  • Communication:  Lesiba     
  • Recruitment and Marketing:  Robert and Mammy
  • Languages:  Jenny. 
  • The portfolio of Training: will at this stage be the responsibility of the committee.                                                                                                                           

4.6 First Aid Training    Turtle Life addressed the meeting, explaining how refresher courses work, how new Level 1 training can be obtained and for those who would like to do a more advanced course such as Level 2, how that can be arranged. All this information as well as training dates and venues will be posted on the website. Johan                                                                                                                                    

5 The meeting was adjourned at 12:30. The next meeting will be held on 1 April 2019 at Maboneng

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