Due to the amount of illegal guiding increasing in the South African tourism industry and the difficulty to police such an Act it has been seen as a necessity for tourist guides to start monitoring the actual occurrence.

Gauteng Guides Association (GGA) in partnership with Gauteng Tourism Authority (GTA) and approval from the National Department of Tourism (NDT) is launching the Tourist Guide Monitor Project 2011.

How does it work?

  • A registered tourist guide that would like to volunteer for the project completes the registration as Monitor 
  • Each Monitor will be issued an identifying jacket
  • A monitor volunteers a minimum of one day per month to participate in the project, more days may be volunteered.
  • The monitor establishes the most convenient tourism product for him/her to visit and spends the day at said tourism product (eg Apartheid Museum, Sterkfontein caves etc)
  • Each tourist group arriving at the site is scrutinised (no intimidation allowed) and the tourist guide/Tour leader representing the group is requested to answer the one page questionnaire (Download here).
  • For uninterested tourist guides or illegal groups as much detail as possible is captured by the Monitor.
  • On returning the monitor captures information from forms to website from where statistics and information for follow-ups will be taken. (Click here for capturing of info. Registered monitors only)

With this project GGA is striving to gather as much information as to follow up and prosecute the Tour operators that are the main drive behind using illegal guides.
Please if you are a registered tourist guide and see yourself available for one day a month, please volunteer and let’s regulate our own industry.