Gauteng Guides Association

With the launch of the new Gauteng Guides Association website at the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 28 June 2016 the association has to go onto a new tack as the world changes around us. New technology,new privacy laws,new training and new young tourist guides.

In previous years since 2005 when Gauteng Guides association was launched in its present version there was a great collaboration between Gauteng Tourism Authority and Gauteng Guides Association in that GGA did not charge any subscription fees and GGA then included all registered guides with GTA direct onto our members list. Income for the running GGA was done through collaborative projects like the printed directory. In exchange all tourist guides would be kept up to date on the GGA website.

The last year or so has forced quite a few changes into the system which now has to be taken into consideration .

  • Tourist Guiding now falls under Gauteng Department of Economic Development  (GDED)
  • The Tourism Bill (Act 3 2014) is now implemented.
  • New Regulations are in process of being launched.
  • New legislation on training. SAQA
  • Protection of Personal Information Act  (POPI)
  • Many newcomers to the guiding fraternity.
  • The development of the Professional Tourist Guide.

to name a few.

Gauteng Guides Association's main aim is to keep all members and registered tourist guides in Gauteng up to date with what is happening and the changes that might be launched in the future. The group of volunteers that run GGA is a dedicated group that always have the time to keep other members informed and marketed to tour operators searching for guides.

In the spirit of the mentioned items the new website is launched and we request that all members need to renew their registration with GGA. Due to the POPI requirements GGA requires an authority from each member to be able to publish and market the details of every member . So this means that if you register with GGA you will indicate that your information may be displayed or not, this will also give permission that GGA may pass on your information to Tour operators and DMC's looking for guides 

GGA is a volunteer organisation and up to now has generated funds for operational costs due to projects like 

  • Tourist guide short term insurance 
  • First Aid Refresher courses
  • Educationals

At the AGM on 28 June 2016 it will be discussed to see if a membership fee cannot be entertained just to enlarge the possibilities of additional ventures. Proposed will be between R50 and R100 Annually. approval for this will be voted on. 

At AGM 2016 held on 28 June 2016 it was resolved that a R100 annual membership fee would be charged

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