Dear Colleague,

Those of you who were in Prague will remember me with the Iranian Federation of Tourist Guides team. My name is Hussein.I will be your contact for your questions as well as for the invitation letters which you need to apply for your visas to travel to Iran for the 17th World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) Convention in Iran-January 2017.

The convention will take place in Tehran from January 28th to February 1st. The registration form will be ready soon and you can find it on

Please observe the enclosed file, Newsletter, carefully. Information on Iran and the convention will be found at Please follow us on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram: #WFTGA2017.

Besides, I made a list of information you need:
1. Convention tours:
2. Tehran International Airport: http: //
3. Weather in Iran:
4. Dress code for women :
5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
6. Information on Visa:

Please refer all requests on information about travel to Iran to me or [email protected]
For those who would like to be put on a directly mailing list, it will be a pleasure to assist you.The host committee is finalising and working registration on line at the moment. As soon as registration opens we will inform you immediately.

Kindly forward this message to all of the members of your association, and please inform me of having received this email.

We look forward to seeing you in Iran in January 2017.

Hussein Dehghan
IFTGA Host Committee
Communications with WFTGA members