Dear All

Herewith the minutes for the GGA AGM held on 3 October 2017

Attendance  24

Apologies 14 


1) Johan van Biljon explained sources of income and why POPI Act affects list of membership and info out. 

- Expenditure also discussed with WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) bidding for next one to be presented in South Africa, being a priority. 

- Other Income generators:  courses presented where a percentage goes to GGA, as well as Widesure insurance. 
 2) Insurance - public vs passenger.  Guides need to familiarise themselves with specifics.   

 3) GGA responsibility:  (GGA will advertise jobs but are not responsible for getting you work).

- Guides are solely responsible for availing themselves of the T&C from different TOs prior to accepting tours. 

- JVB informed that there is a generic service contract on website, get the TO sign.  No cancellation clause etc, then you have no leg to stand on when TO cancels. 

- ZC suggests confirm in writing by email that the contract was delivered and that the email serves to confirmation that the TO accepts the contract/conditions should they not respond to the email. 

- ZC will refresh TO contract as well as GGA Constitution in December. 

- If a TO refuse to pay VAT (when you're registered for VAT) etc report it to SARS.

4) MISCONDUCT / misrepresentation by guides. You have signed a code of conduct/ethics. 
- NDT will in future assist in taking disciplinary action. 
-  Racist comments by colleagues:  first report to transport company if driver is the issue, and then report to TO. Then report in full to GGA. (Specifics are required, date, time, Place, who, what was the issue, why, etc). Ensure you have proof to back up your allegation. NO, video recordings without consent is not allowed.   

Recourse with illegal Tour Leaders on coach.  Make 100% sure of facts before reporting. 

5) TRAINING - KNP Orientation. 
  For future guiding in Kruger it is essential that all relevant guides make time to do it. We are communicating with SANPARKS to ease the training process to a wider audience. 

6) Laminated cards problems at Cape Town. New regulations not adopted yet. Laminated cards are legal and SANPARKS are aware of complaints. 

7) Availability of badges at GTA is still problematic. 
  Suggestion - Make your own. It is after all your registration card that needs to be genuine!  

8) Policies and insurances. Group schemes. 
  GGA tried to initiate group discounts some years ago. Very few guides were interested.  Prices was stopped. Committee will approach Widesure one more time to initiate the group discounts. 

9) NAMOLA - GP rapid security response. Download the app. (To assist in situations of highjacking and any other crime related incidents). 

- TSI = Tourism Safety Initiative is also available online to report ALL incidents. Please look at this, as it will only assist to get true statistics. 

10) Wider branding of legal guide requirements on vehicles on airside. There is not enough money in GGA account to cover such advertising expenses. Need sponsorship from big operators. Any suggestions will be welcome. 

11) Registered Soweto guides struggling to get jobs because they are freelancing. 
  Committee suggest joining various Whatsapp groups, guiding Facebook pages,  to gain access to offers and requests. Please also update your credentials on our GGA webpage after joining. Most TOs look in webpage for suggestions on Guides.   

12) VIATOR - one of the better advertising tools for Guides. Be careful not to put all your personal details on each and every sight asking for guide credentials. 

13) As there are no guide associations for guides from KZN, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, NW and EC, Committee will look into absorbing these provinces.

14) The importance of an AGM is again stressed. Without a legal association representing the guides in Gauteng we have no future!  For this exact reason, proxies were sent out but only ONE proxy was received. Proxies give you a voice when you cannot attend an AGM. 
  A call is made to guides to attend (or at least complete the required proxies) the AGM and give it the attention it deserves!
  An effort should be made that after the AGM the social gathering be attended (it is here that matters are really discussed and sorted)!
  Suggestions to Venues for future AGM, meetings, social gatherings, etc will gladly be considered. 

- FGC will discuss with the various language groups to get the francophones and Hispanic guides on board the GGA. 

15) Guides need to understand what the GGA is about - to provide support and guidance..... not to provide jobs. 

16) Nominations for new GGA Board followed, were seconded. 

17) Appointment of new GGA Board.  

Meeting adjourned around 14:30.